Stress relief massage therapies and techniques are age-old practices that continue to this day. However, we assume that the only place they are available, are inexpensive spas and other massage parlors. What we don’t know is that stress relief massage techniques can easily be practiced at home. A sensuous stress relief massage can do wonders for a worn-out and tired body.

Benefits of Stress Relief Massage Therapy:

Stress relief massage therapies have been around for a long time. Now, learning about the benefits of these will tell you why regular massage therapy is important. And how it helps overall well-being.

  1. Stress causes a lot of tension in joints and muscles, making them stiff. A good stress relief massage can serve to unwind the body and make the muscles and joints more flexible. It also helps one to identify the areas of maximum tension in the body. Thereby enabling you to nip various problems, such as those of the back, in the bud, with various massage techniques.
  2. Since a massage helps one unwind. It also helps those who face problems sleeping through the night, or those with insomnia. A stress relief massage soothes and calms the nerves, thereby enabling good sleep. Lack of sleep can result in a myriad of health problems, so a good massage is essential for anyone suffering from the same.
  3. A regular stress relief massage helps cure the stress that results in wearing away of the body and mind over a period of time. Since stress has become an inevitable part of all our lives, getting a stress relief massage aids us in identifying, to what degree it is a part of our life, and thus, effectively combating it by incorporating a few changes in our lifestyle.
  4. In addition to eliminating stress, a massage also enables increased blood circulation throughout the body, and releases endorphins, which provide the body with a general sense of well-being and positivity.

Stress Relief Massage Techniques:

For a stress relief massage to be effective, the most important role is that of the environment in which it is given. Ensure that it is quiet and soothing. You may play some very light music in the background. Light up the room with scented candles, avoid harsh lights and use aromatherapy oils for massaging, for a better effect. Now follow these stress relief massage techniques:

  1. To begin with, pour some oil on your palms, and begin the massage on the back, from the shoulders to the lower back, to be able to spread the oil across, by holding the hands side by side with the fingers together, and rubbing the back in a gentle circular motion.
  2. Next, knead the affected muscles with the base of the palm. Push the base hard into the affected area in order to provide maximum relaxation. Be sure not to hurt the muscles. This technique is effective for stiff and sore muscles, especially in the back, legs and buttocks. It thoroughly relaxes the muscles and eases the effect of stress on the body. Read more on back massage pressure points.
  3. Lastly, on the more stiff areas, use both the thumbs or the index fingers in a circular motion, for about ten seconds, to release the tension. This process can be repeated a couple of times, till a feeling of relaxation overcomes the body. Repeat step one to complete the massage, and give an overall sense of calm.

Suggest this massage for your friends.

Though these self-massage techniques are useful for the body, some parts such as the back cannot be effectively massaged oneself. As such, it is better to provide this guide to a friend or family member who can do it for you and help you achieve desired results. Perform some overall body stretches after the massage and do remember not to get a massage if you have consumed alcohol at any time in the day if you have a fever, or you have just eaten.

Note: All Of Our Staff were duly Vaccinated for covid-19, and we make regular medical checkups done. Our Massage services are available all over India. and we have independent massage therapists, escorts, call girls, housewives available.

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