A massage along the spine is not only relaxing but keeps you limber to avoid injuries. A good massage increases circulation and improves the lymphatic system. Massage can be done by anyone if you know-how. Follow these easy steps to massage along the spine.

  1. Choose some special massage oil, sesame oil or baby oil. Use a small amount or you won’t have enough control during the massage.
  2. Place your subject stomach down on a flat surface, preferably a massage table or a mattress. Your subject’s upper body should be unclothed. Have them loosen their pants and you can tuck a towel around the waistband to absorb any extra oil.
  3. Stand near your subject’s head. Starting at the top of the spine, place your thumbs on either side of the spine and rotate them in spoon-like circular motions while applying pressure. Move all the way down the spine.
  4. Pull your hands back up to the neck, make fists, and push your knuckles smoothly down each side of the spine, from the neck to the lower back. Once you reach the lower back, open your palms and push down, stretching against the hips.
  5. Come back up to the neck, close your fists and push down along one side of the spine with your thumbs from the upper to the lower back. Then do the other side.
  6. Massage the sides of the neck with your hands making little circles. With your fists, use your thumbs and knuckles to smoothly stretch upward on the neck.

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