What is Rolfing Massage Therapy?

The Rolfing massage technique was generated by Dr. Ida Rolf, a biochemist. It is also known as the Rolfing Structural Integration. This massage therapy aims to bring about vertical alignment of certain organs of the body. Namely – the pelvis, head, shoulders, legs, and thorax. This is done by using physical manipulation and movement awareness. The therapy lengthens the body’s trunk and lifts the head and chest. Thereby, the person needs to use less energy and can use his muscle power more efficiently. At the end of the Rolfing massage therapy, a person is able to function better and smoother and his entire body structure is gravitationally rebalanced.

The Rolfing massage technique unblocks the bound tissues in the body, which become so after going through scarring and injuries. Once these blocked knots are smoothed over, the effect is that the muscles and bones, (which were bent because of the knot) can now correct, realign and balance themselves, in accordance with gravity.

The Rolfing massage therapy also works on the ‘hot spots’ of the body and treats them. Hot spots are the places in which the physical and mental traumas of the body are situated. This technique will identify these places and then realign the muscles in that area to bring about the correct posture.

How is This Therapy Carried Out?

  • Palpation

In this stage, a professional Rolfer will examine the patient’s fascia tissues, the imbalance in the texture of the tissues, the temperature, and quality and will thus form a picture of where the therapy should be administered.

  • Discrimination

In this stage, the Rolfer will separate the fascia layers which have been strained, injured, or scarred. And therefore have been pulled out of position.

  • Integration

This is the final stage where the therapist will realign the body. And bring it into balance again according to the gravitational field. For best results, the therapist will carry out 10 sessions of this massage therapy.

Many patients who have been suffering from chronic pain have reported feeling instant relief after going through the Rolfing massage therapy. This therapy also generates feelings of rejuvenation. Improved posture, coordination, regeneration of core strength, a general feeling of lightness, improved breathing, and overall physical harmony.

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