Mobile massage therapy refers to a practice in which massage therapists travel to their clients. Instead of having their clients come to them. This can also apply to massage therapy in which a masseuse that is on staff at a hotel or resort offers in-room massage therapy services. One of the keys to mobile massage therapy is having all of the necessary equipment in mobile form. This includes massage therapy tables that can be folded up and moved relatively easily. It is also important for a massage therapist to travel with a kit of all of the products. That she needs during a massage session including sheets, towels, massage oil, and creams. And any other products that she uses during a massage session.

Another item that a mobile massage therapist might bring with her for a session is a massage chair. A massage chair is often used instead of a massage table for people who prefer it. For reasons of personal or physical comfort — not to lay down for a session of massage therapy. This kind of chair allows the person receiving the massage to lean forward slightly and place his face in a doughnut. Much like the one that is fitted onto the end of a massage table. It is allowing the massage therapist to work the back and shoulder muscles. A massage chair can often be folded up and brought along as part of mobile massage therapy.

Home service Massage

One of the reasons for mobile massage therapy is that some people either prefer to experience massage therapy in their own homes. Or they have mobility issues that make it difficult to get to a spa or a masseuse’s office. Also, some people choose mobile massage therapy as a form of entertainment and relaxation. For example, a group of friends enjoying a day off of work together might hire a mobile massage therapist to come to one of their homes. And give each person a chair massage or table massage.

Sometimes mobile massage therapy is used in the workplace. As a way to relieve stress or as a way to reward employees for good performance. For example, there might be a mobile massage therapy session in an office. On a Friday afternoon to help employees wind down from the week. It may be part of a Friday afternoon snack and cocktail hour during which employees can have a 15 or 20-minute massage.

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