What is Real Manhood Massage(Juagen)?

Juagen(抓根) is also called Manhood massage which has a long history and it is completely illegal in most countries, such as Singapore. Although linked to Tantra sexual practices, manhood massage is also called lingam massage, sometimes offered surreptitiously by “legitimate” massage parlors and massage technicians. This is an energy work that aims toward enhanced blood circulation and chi (sexual energy) flow. In the Tao of Sexology, sexual energy plays an important role in supporting our physical and mental functions and improving health.

The Massage Parlors That Provide Manhood Massage(Juagen)

People who would like to enjoy the massage services often find themselves being offered “extras” by massage parlors, including full sexual services. The women employed in these massage shops are called masseuses(massage technicians), in reality, are prostitutes, and some of them can be found outside those unlicensed massage parlors waiting for clients on the street. The massage technicians who can perform Juagen massage is usually range in age from 19 to 28 years old. unsuspecting patrons of massage parlors often are solicited for a massage that terminates in a “happy ending,’ a euphemistic description of orgasm. Masseuses who offer a “special service” to the clients usually are willing to perform sexual services. The cost of such services ranges between 2500 and 5000 INR.

The Massage Techniques of Manhood Massage(Juagen)

The majority of techniques of this massage seem to include pressing of the main few acupressure points – the thighs, slightly below the navel, and below the scrotum (balls). During the pressing of the acupressure points, there would be some pain involved for some. It would also involve massaging the penis till close to the point of climax and then easing it back. During the massaging, the veins of your penis will be repeatedly stroked by the fingers as you feel a surge of blood in your little head.

Massaging the sexual organ (penis) has a dual purpose. One is a form of reflexology targeting the kidneys, liver, spleen-pancreas, lungs, and heart. The other is to reshape the penis over time to the desired ‘mushroom’ shape. The overall message on the lower abdomen, inner thigh, and groin area would effectively promote blood circulation, which brings nourishment to the sexual glands and organs. At the same time activating the numerous nerve ends surrounding the areas and organs.

How to do Manhood massage.

While on prone (facing down), 

Step 1: 
TLDR: Working on your lower back.

Details: A typical treatment will usually start with the lower back focusing on the erector spinae muscle (lumbar level) and iliolumbar ligament. While on these areas, the therapist will also be able to work on the psoas muscle, the lower portion of the latissimus dorsi muscle, and if they go deeper, the quadratus lumborum muscle

  • Erector spinae
  • Psoas (from the lumbar)
  • Quadratus Lumborum

Step 2: 
TLDR: Working on your buttock region.

Details: The therapist will work on the gluteus muscles (the largest muscle in our body) as well as the rotator group muscles. Most therapists will also work directly on the sacrum/coccyx (tailbone) with the intention of the ligaments attached and restoring the slight mobility that these bones have.   

For Steps 1 and 2, the process is mainly what we would have experienced during most of the other massage sessions. Just that long time will be spent on these areas and it involves deeper muscles work. It could also address issues like lower back pain and soreness. To note, deeper muscle work does not mean more strength put onto one muscle but rather going to the layer beyond the superficial muscles.

For my treatment, I will also work on the ischial tuberosity (your sit bone) and the greater trochanter of the femur bone with circular strokes as there are a lot of related muscles insertion at these two points.

  • Gluteus muscles
  • Sacrum / coccyx
  • Ischial tuberosity

Step 3:
TLDR: Working on the back portion and inner portion of your thigh.

Details: The step continues with working on the posterior (back) of your thigh, mostly focusing on the adductors muscle group and the hamstring muscle group.

Just like Steps 1 and 2, this would be a similar experience in other massages but the concentration is mostly towards the medial portion (inner thigh) and deeper muscle work. The therapist’s strokes will go all the way up to the gluteal sulcus. In fact, from this step onwards, the areas that the therapist work on are usually prohibited in a lot of the established brands/outlets.

Sidetracking, from Steps 1 to 3, the therapist may also be able to help you to address other issues such as sciatica and piriformis syndrome.

  • Hamstring muscles group

While on supine (facing up),

Step 4: 
TLDR: Working on your thigh again but on the anterior (front) portion

Details: After the therapist turn you over, your leg will be bent (“frog-leg” position). This position will enable the therapist to focus easily on the adductors once again. And other muscles such as the sartorius (our longest muscle in the body), gracilis, and pectineus muscle. The therapist’s stroke will reach til femoral triangle (which once again, is not possible at other established brands/outlets).

This step even though may be similar to some other massages that you have been through. The difference is the therapist may go very hard and deep. Do communicate with your therapist if it gets too painful. 

A lot of the traditional practitioners will claim this is to “buang angin”. And may ask you to just bear with the pain. For a treatment to work, I feel that it shouldn’t be a prolonged or excruciating pain.

Before working on the adductors. I will also work on the foot reflex points that correspond to your hormonal glands, solar plexus, kidney, testicles, and prostate. And not forgetting certain acupressure points on the lower limb area including Liver 3, Kidney 3, Spleen 6, and Spleen 9.

With Step 3 and Step 4, the therapist may also assist in addressing groin pain issue that arises from muscle strain (which happen quite a lot to athletes who are into contact sports)

  • Sartorius
  • Pectineus

Step 5: 
TLDR: Working on the perineum region (the area between your anus to your scrotum).  

Details: Now, the therapist will be working on the sensitive perineum area with the intention of working on the ischiocavernosus muscle (a muscle that assists in maintaining penis erection) and bulbospongiosus muscle (a muscle that assists in expelling remaining urine in the urethra, ejaculation, and erection). 

This message could get sensual, you may get an erection and you could be embarrassed especially if this is your first time. But whatever you do, just continue with deep breathing and don’t tense up.

For me, I will also include in acupressure point Ren 1 (CV1) into my treatment by pressing it for 10 seconds and relaxes it with gentle strokes and then repeat for another two to three more times. 

  • Perineum area with its muscles

Step 6
TLDR: Working on your scrotum, penis, and your lower stomach. 

Details: The final step will be on the scrotum and the penis itself. Mind you, when I say scrotum, it is not (and should not) be directly on the testis itself but rather on the skin (by pulling/stretching the skin in between the two testicles then on the left and right). The intention is on its fascia.

During this portion, the therapist will continue to work on your femoral triangle. As well as the more intricate femoral ring. I usually won’t go hard (which some therapists do). This area has the important neurovascular structure to your lower limb as well as lymph nodes and ligaments. The intention is to loosen the possible restriction around the area. It is easy to work on as it is not covered by any thick muscle. Hence hard force is not really necessary in my opinion.

On the penis, the massage includes a lot of gripping, pulling, and thumb strokes. The therapist will be working from the root to the body and then the glans (head) of the penis. Some treatments will include “mengasah” (grinding) technique on the tip of the glans which can feel uncomfortable after a while. You must maintain communication with your therapist should there be any concerns or questions. 

And here onwards, the therapist will usually mix in massaging the stomach (focusing on the abdominal muscle). From lateral to the pubic bone, and from the solar plexus down to the pubic bone

The therapist may also work directly on the pubic bone with a circular motion or superior pressure point. For me, I do add on acupressure point Ren 6 (CV6) when I am doing the stomach massage. 

Step 5 and Step 6 will usually be repeated a couple of times. And during the actual treatment, you may not feel the steps being rigidly followed as described here. It can be pretty fluid with one step merging into another and according to my Sifu. This is the “seni” in the urut (the arts of the treatment). 

  • Femoral ring
  • Abdominis muscles

The Benefits of Manhood Massage

  • It promotes and enhances blood flow to the lingam (male sexual organ) and related areas. But no medical evidence exists to support this claim.
  • Manhood massage can remove toxins from the body.
  • It is more specific and intensive, and benefits other parts of the body, and not just the lingam.
  • Cultivate man’s sexual energy which in turn re-energizes the body. And it enhances the immune system and promotes cell regeneration to slow down the aging process.
  • This massage is a holistic approach to maintaining one’s sexual health and general well-being.

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