A brush massage is a kind of stimulating massage during which the skin is rubbed with the bristles of a brush that is specially designed for this purpose. While many kinds of massage are performed with the intention of treating the muscles beneath the skin — and only offering secondary skin benefits — a brush massage is a massage that treats the skin in particular. The skin, like the kidneys and the liver, plays an important part in the detoxification process. A brush massage can help to aid this process in the skin. It can also help to slough away dead skin cells, help to pull impurities out of the skin and improve pore health.

The treatment usually begins with the feet. The person performing the massage rubs the skin on the feet in vigorous circular motions and then moves up the body using the same technique. The bristles of the brush are soft enough so as not to irritate the skin. People with very sensitive or dry skin, however, may not be good candidates for this sort of treatment. Furthermore, the treatment should not be performed on areas of the skin that are healing from an injury, a rash, or a skin condition.

Some spas that offer brush massages do not perform the treatment on dry skin. Instead, they use a topical product such as soap or lotion to lubricate the skin during the procedure. While an at-home brush massage can usually be completed in five to 10 minutes, a brush massage at a spa is likely to last around half an hour.

One of the main benefits of this kind of massage is improved circulation, and not only in the skin. In addition to helping to improve the health of the skin and assisting in the body’s natural detoxification process, a brush massage can also help to stimulate circulation in the muscles and tissues that are directly beneath the skin. Some proponents of brush massage assert that the treatment can help to create healthier muscle tone.

Some people enjoy a brush massage solely for the cosmetic results that the treatment delivers. By stimulating the skin, brushing away dead skin cells, and benefiting the health of the pores in the skin, a brush massage also improves the complexion over the body as a whole. Many people report experiencing a certain glow in their skin after enjoying a brush massage.

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