Breema Massage

Breema massage is the form of massage in which physical therapy is performed on the person while he/she lies down on the floor with the recipient of the massage being completely clothed. The Breema massage comprises movements that have rhythm and are gentle so that the body feels relaxed and sees intensification in strength. The self-healing capacity of the body also increases when the Breema massage is performed. The duration of a Breema massage usually lasts to 50 minutes. The maneuvers in the Breema massage include a distinct therapy that includes gentle touches and pushes.

The origins of the Breema massage can be traced way back to the early 1980s. It was founded near a village in the United States and the idea was given shape after some funding. The massage was said to be a distinct form of revival and has also become a subject that has garnered a lot of interest. A lot of workshops are also conducted where it is taught how to perform the Breema massage.

The Breema massage mainly comprises two forms. One is the bodywork whereas the other one is the self- breema exercise. Both these crafts are put into implementation so that the energy flows in equal proportions all over the body. Breema exercises consist of stretches that activate and invigorate the emotional, physical and mental state of the body. Breema massages are usually performed with the massage recipient lying down on the floor with cushions placed under to make the posture more comfortable. A hard floor is avoided, as that would defeat the whole purpose of a massage. The movements that the therapist adopts are such that the person feels relieved from strain and fatigue. The muscles are stretched with special care being laid on averting any sort of discomfort. The Breema massage is a combination of hands and a system that involves self-movement for the activation of the corrective reflexes of the human body so that a person attains energy in balanced forms.

The driving forces behind a Breema massage are the nine basic principles of harmony. A comfortable body, expression of true nature, gentleness and being subtle, holistic participation, shared support, non-judgmental, leisure and forceless action make the nine components that are integral in establishing harmony and act as the base on which the Breema massage is done. When all these elements are brought together, the Breema massage re-energizes the body, mind, and soul and eliminates any space for unease to come in. People who feel very stressed out and those who are prone to hypertension usually prefer Breema massaging. A Breema massage helps the person get rid of all these sensations and brings in tranquility, serenity, and peace.

Other benefits that Breema therapy sessions bring in are clarity of the mind, its recreation, and also equilibrium between energy and emotions. Nurturing the body is the objective that a Breema massage encourages and promotes. A Breema massage is essential for all those who get frustrated easily and look for a getaway from regular anxieties.

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