Blind Massage

A blind massage is becoming a popular choice for those who want to relieve tension as well as physical and psychological stress. Massage is a term used to refer to the art of handling soft tissues of the body. It is believed that the term got its name from several different origins. Some believe that it may have originated from the Hebrew term me-sake or to anoint with oil or maybe from the Arabic term massa, which means to touch, feel or handle or from the French word massage meaning friction of kneading.

Pressure points include the body’s ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints, skin, and some connective tissues. More specialized types of massage target lymphatic vessels, the gastrointestinal as well as other body systems. It is often applied using mechanical devices or manually by a physical therapist, or a blind massage therapist using the hands, fingers, knees, forearms, and feet. There are several kinds of massages that have different techniques. This can be done at home, in the hospital, clinic, or in spas or saunas.

But no matter what type or where it is done, the most is important is its efficacy. Its effectiveness is mainly dependent on the skills of the massage therapist. This is probably the reason why more and more people nowadays prefer the service of a blind massage therapist.

In some countries, for example, in China, blind massage is very popular. Since blind massage therapists lack the sense of sight, these masseurs rely on their sense of touch. It is believed that due to their inability to see, a blind massage therapist channels his or her energy towards his other senses. These people see through their hands. It is also believed that people who lack their sense of sight are able to feel the flow of energy using their sense of touch. And amazingly, they are also able to transmit energy to other people.

Massage therapy makes use of the feet, knees, arms, and most especially the hands; it, therefore, follows that blind massage therapists are the authority when it comes to the efficient use of these senses. In Asia most especially, hiring a blind massage therapist has gradually become popular. Visually-impaired people in some parts of this region have made massage therapy their source of income. And indeed, most of their clients are more than satisfied with their service.

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