Auric Healing Massage

What is Auric Healing Massage?

The Aura is a field of electromagnetic energy, that surrounds all life forms, people, animals, plants, etc. Auric Healing is a system of Energy Healing that uses high, vibrational energy, through the trained Practitioners hands, to clear and assist healing of the receiver’s energy field. Auric healing massage is similar to color healing where the technique of visualization is used. When the patient complains of an ailment the practitioner visuals the color which is lacking within the patient’s aura which would affect the condition. Auric healing seeks to redress damage to Auric Fields by restoring the natural process and balance. It is a very holistic form of healing as it works on all systems at once. The Aura is the virtual body surrounding the physical body.

How to Perform This Kind of Healing Massage by Therapist?

It is now understood that many diseases seem to begin in this energy field. The Practitioner can pick up these imbalances or disruptions before they become too severe in the physical body, or even form in the physical body! Bypassing their trained hands through the Auric field of the receiver, the Practitioner is able to locate and clear, the physical blockages, blocked and discordant energy, and imbalances within the receiver’s body, as well as in the etheric, or Auric field. Practitioners use the Universal Life Energy through their hands to restore the vital energy of the receiver’s body, for optimum health.

During a session, the receiver is fully clothed at all times; the Practitioner’s hands work off the body throughout most of the session. In treating a person through auric healing one attempts to improve the condition of a person by changing the color configuration of his aura. This is another phase of healing. For example when treating conditions of the nervous system use colors of blue and lavender to soothe and quiet the individual; to invigorate the person use the color of green grass; to inspire use yellows and oranges. When working with the blood and organs of the body, use dark blue to soothe, green to invigorate, and bright reds to stimulate.

Some of the benefits of Auric Healing session

  • Stress and emotional relief,
  • Pain relief,
  • An increase of your overall energy,
  • Rebalancing of your energy chakra centres,
  • Relaxation for you,
  • General rejuvenation and a wonderful feeling of well-being.
  • Removing any blockages in your Energy field to promote optimum healing and health.
  • Magnetic Healing massage can be incorporated into any other Healing modality for you.
  • It is also an excellent form of Healing for any blood related issues or disorders.

However, it is a complete modality in itself and stands alone as an excellent modality of Healing – on all levels. This wonderful healing modality is also excellent for our pets and animals. The session is available hands-on, or remotely.

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