Asian Erotic Massage

The Asian erotic massage is the perfect type of massage for you and your partner because it allows you both to find your erogenous zones while using the principles of tantric massage and the legendary Kama Sutra. The main principle of Asian erotic massage is finding the zones of the body that provide pleasure. Now, it is important to point out that when we talk about an Asian erotic massage, we are not talking about illegal massage parlors that can be found in most cities. This is a massage that does not have sex included in it, but it will help you relax like no other massage can.

There are a vast number of books that have been printed on the concept of the Asian erotic massage and the history of the massage dates back thousands of years to China, where it was often used as holistic medicine practice. The body was thought to have a life force by the Chinese and Southeast Asians, and one way to work with that life force was to touch the areas of the body where the force was the strongest. Not surprisingly, those areas were also highly sexual areas and the Asian erotic massage was born.

The Asian erotic massage is much like a tantric massage in that it helps to put you in a trance that is incredibly relaxing. Many people find they seem to drift not into sleep, but into a waking sleep where they feel what is going on but are reaching almost another level of consciousness. This was also how the Kama Sutra worked, allowing people to reach sexual ecstasy while at the same time expanding their minds and their spirits.

As with so many things in East Asia, the Asian erotic massage is more than just a massage. It is a spiritual experience that helps to align the Chi and helps to make you feel as though you are moving to another plane of existence. With this massage, you can become closer to your partner on a deeper level than you ever thought possible. It is a massage that is more than a massage. It is a trance-like experience that you have to experience to truly believe.

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