Algotherapy Massage

Algotherapy massage is typically part of spa service and is not actually a medical treatment. Algotherapy is any treatment that involves the use of algae as part of the therapy. Typical algotherapy treatments include facials and body treatments such as body wraps and body scrubs. Algotherapy massage uses seaweed extracts and algae-based treatments, usually in the form of body wraps, baths or beauty products. The most common algotherapy is a Seaweed Wrap which is a type of Body Wrap that envelops the body in hot Micronised Marine Algae which helps to rid the body of toxins and excess fluid. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and oligo-elements it revitalizes and rejuvenates.

How to Perform Algotherapy Massage?

The most popular way to provide algotherapy in spas is through a body treatment, which is usually some form of body wrap. The body wrap may include a body scrub, a massage, or several different wraps in combination with the massage. Typical algotherapy body treatments involve coating the body with the algotherapy lotion or mask type product. After covering the body with the product, the spa staff wraps the body tightly and then places a thermal blanket over the body to heat the body’s skin surface and activate the algotherapy product. The heat helps open the pores allowing the algae product to be easily absorbed into the skin.

Algotherapy can also be used as part of a Seaweed Bath which is also referred to as Thalassotherapy. Thalassotherapy is a general term for treatments based on the use of seawater and seaweed, in baths, pools, water jets, and body wraps.

The Benefits of Algotherapy Massage

  • The scrub portion of the treatment helps to remove dead skin leaving the healthy, newly refreshed layer on the surface.
  • This massage will help to remove the toxins in the body that the algae product was also helping to release.
  • Rebalancing of the skin, hydration of the skin and it also works to tighten the muscle tissue.
  • Raise the basal metabolic rate it can help as part of a weight loss programme. It is also known to have fantastic benefits for arthritis and rheumatism and general stress.
  • Not everyone will go to a spa for algotherapy treatments, but many algotherapy treatment products are available for home use. Everyone can benefit from the algotherapy products that are on the market. Algotherapy is not suitable for those with an iodine intolerance or during pregnancy.

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